Pumpkin Everything!

All of us here at OC fudge love the fall season!  It is a time to relax after the crazy summer, enjoy the weather before the snow comes, and most importantly eat everything pumpkin we can find!  Our pumpkin fudge has been a favorite for years and is hands down our most popular flavor from September to December.  We decided to take it a step further this year and offer some other new pumpkin items.

First up: Pumpkin Pie taffy!  The best of both worlds- a vanilla salt water taffy with a pumpkin pie center.  Yes, taffy and fudge together in one.  You can't eat just one piece, I can assure you!  And if you are pumpkin-ed out already...go for the peanut butter taffy. Vanilla salt water taffy with a creamy peanut butter filling- delicious!

Second: Pumpkin Macaroons!  Coconut macaroons are such a nostalgic item of the summer time and we take them up another level in the fall by adding fresh pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices.  They don't get better than that, unless you dip them in chocolate of course!

Saving the best for Last: Chocolate dipped pumpkin pops!  A pumpkin cake pop with pecans and dipped in chocolate.  We do a wide array of pumpkin breads and pops in the store for the holidays.  They haven't made it to the website yet since they sell so quickly, so email us if you're interested!