Wine, Beer and Chocolate

Wine and chocolate can make an amazing combination, and here at OC fudge we love partnering with local wineries and breweries!!  In the past we have made fudge flavored with local beverages for special events, weddings and for retail areas.  Think of a dark chocolate fudge with a stout beer for your tap room tastings.  Or a box of Chocolate Merlot fudge for your loyal vendors.  Or a Cabernet fudge for the release of a new vintage!  Having a wedding at a winery?  Turn that special bottle into a treat for your dessert table that will definitely have your guests impressed!

Some ideas from the past:

Chocolate Stout, Dark Chocolate Merlot or Cabernet (or any red wine really), Chardonnay with a vanilla base, Chocolate Raspberry Champagne, Vanilla Champagne

Depending on the type of wine, it can pair well with a dark chocolate, milk chocolate or mild vanilla base.  Darker beers work well in a chocolate fudge base while IPAs and lighter beers can be used in a mild vanilla base.

Think of all the possible combinations!  We would also be more than happy to taste your product to determine the absolute best fit!